Worcester Badminton League

Frequently Asked Questions

What commitment am I making by joining the league?

Each season is nine weeks long. You'll have up to eight other people in your division and you play each of them once in a season. A match takes up to an hour. So if you can manage eight hours of badminton over nine weeks then you'll be fine.

If you don't have that much time then you can still join the league but be in the Superleague only. Then there is no expectation that you will play a certain number of matches. The Superleague is explained below.

You must contact other players to arrange matches. "No one ever contacts me" is not a valid reason for not playing! Please join the league only if you have time to make some phone calls and send some messages.

How do I book a court?

The following information was correct in September 2017.

A court at the Worcester sports centres costs £10.50 for an hour.

A non-member without a booking card can book a court only on the day they want to play and must pay over the phone.

If you buy a booking card then you can book over the phone at Nunnery Wood and St John's up to seven days in advance and pay when you play. The booking card costs £16 for the year (£12 for students). There is no court discount with the booking card unless you are a student in which case your half of the court costs only £3.95.

If you are a member of Nunnery Wood and St John's and joined before 2017 then you can book over the phone and online up to seven days ahead. Each such playing member makes their half of the court free. So if two of you are such members then the court is free.

If you are a member of Nunnery Wood and St John's and joined after 2016 then you get no court discounts but can book over the phone and online up to seven days ahead.

There is a "Connected" membership that costs £35 a month (£20 for under 18s) and lets you book over the phone and online up to ten days ahead. This covers the three sports centres in Worcester (Nunnery Wood, St John's and Perdiswell) as well as four other centres in places such as Malvern and Martley. Each such playing member makes their half of the court free. So if two of you are members then the court is free.

Membership at any of Nunnery Wood, St John's and Perdiswell includes free gym and free fitness classes.

There is a £25 joining fee for the Nunnery Wood and St John's membership and for the Connected membership.

How should I contact other players?

The phone number for every player is on this website.

Phoning is most effective. If you can't get someone on the phone then next best is a WhatsApp message.

What is the Superleague?

The Superleague is a competition separate from the normal divisions. You will like it if:

- You want to play a match but no player in your division is available.

- You're in the bottom division and there aren't enough people to play.

- You have played everyone in your division and want more matches.

Everyone is in the Superleague. It has no divisions. Your results in your normal matches against players in your normal division count towards your points in the Superleague. Additionally, you can play anyone in any other division and the result will count towards your points in the Superleague.

It's absolutely fine to ignore the Superleague. The normal divisions are unaffected by it. The Superleague just means that if you want to play against a player in another division then the result will count somewhere.

All the rules about matches for the Superleague are the same as for the normal league.

Find the Superleague table by going to the latest singles season and clicking Superleague.

What happens when I'm only in the Superleague?

A player that is only in the Superleague is not in a normal division. They can play matches against anyone in the league according to the rules of the Superleague, which are described above.

A player only in the Superleague can ask to be added to a normal division at any time.

Anyone may ask to be only in the Superleague, whether a new player joining the league or an existing player in a normal division.

How many matches do I play against each opponent?

One. You don't play any opponent more than once per season.

A match against a player in your division counts for the division and for the Superleague. (You don't play them once for the division and again for the Superleague.)

A match against a player not in your division counts for the Superleague.

How do promotion and relegation work?

At the end of the season the bottom three players in each division may be relegated to the division below. If more than three players in a division have played no matches then all such players may be relegated. Non-players may be relegated several divisions at once. If someone has not won a match then they may be relegated regardless of their position.

A player will be promoted if they finish in the top two in their division and have won at least one match.

Coming third in a division does not guarantee promotion although if there is no more deserving player then third place will be promoted.

Players may be promoted if it is decided that their results, activity or ability justifies it and if there are available places.

If think you should be in a higher division then you can demonstrate this by playing Superleague matches against people in higher divisions.

What about people who don't play matches?

There is no obligation to play all your matches but it is frustrating for everyone in a division if a player is unwilling or unable to play. Therefore, if a player has played no matches by the end of the season then they will be asked if they wish to stay in the league for next season.

At the end of the season, any player who has not played a match in their division during the season may be relegated one or more divisions. Any player who has not played a match in their division for 100 days may be removed from the normal divisions and left in the Superleague so that they can still play matches but their inactivity will not adversely affect other players.

Any player wishing to leave the league should inform Chris, whereupon the website will be updated to show that they have left. Anyone leaving is encouraged to rejoin when they are able to play again.

What if no one in my division replies to my messages?

If you want to play a match and no one in your division is available then play a Superleague match against a player from another division. Tell me if you cannot find anyone to play in the whole Superleague!

What can I do after I've played everyone in my division?

Play Superleague matches against players from other divisions.

What if someone won't play me at all?

Tell Chris if:

- You have phoned and messaged an opponent repeatedly and they don't respond.

- It seems impossible to agree a date with an opponent.

- You cannot arrange a match with an opponent for any other reason.

At the discretion of the league you may be awarded a walkover victory against the opponent. In this case the winning player will earn 4 league points and the losing player none.

This applies to normal divisional matches but not to Superleague matches.

What if my opponent doesn't turn up or cancels at short notice?

If you have arranged to play a player and they fail to arrive or cancel within the hour before the start time then you can claim a 3-0 win. (This applies to normal divisional matches and to Superleague matches.) Please make clear what happened when submitting such a result. The winning player will earn 4 league points and the losing player none.

I want to join but I think I'm too good to start in the bottom division

Prove it! Join the league and win Superleague matches against players in higher divisions. Your performance will be noticed and you may be promoted several divisions at once.

Everyone joins in the bottom division so usually it has players of a variety of standards.

What happened in the first season of the singles league?

The first season ran from 26/10/2015 to 20/12/2015. The results remain unpublished and are a mystery.

To send results, queries, feedback, or to join: WhatsApp 447740650087 | SMS 07740650087 | Email league@badmintonworcester.org.uk