Worcester Badminton League

22/12/2018 - 22/02/2019 (The season has finished.)

This season has finished.

The next season will appear above within a day or so and will be announced via WhatsApp.

You can safely arrange matches with anyone for next season - if you don't end up in the same division as your opponents then they'll count as Superleague matches.

How to arrange a match:

1. Find yourself in one of the divisions above. (Click Division 1, Division 2 etc. until you find your name.)

2. Phone a player in your division and arrange to play them.

3. Book a court at a sports centre for your match.

4. Play the match. (Don't forget shuttles.) Play all three games, even if a player wins 3-0.

5. Send the result (like "Chris A 2 Chris B 1") to WhatsApp 447740650087, SMS 07740650087 or Email league@badmintonworcester.org.uk.

Ask me if you don't understand anything.

To send results, queries, feedback, or to join: WhatsApp 447740650087 | SMS 07740650087 | Email league@badmintonworcester.org.uk